What’s the Latest?

What’s the Latest?

The past several weeks have been a lot of fun– and a bit hectic as well. I must apologize for not getting an update out sooner. Since returning from Italy in late March, there has been a real focus on youth ministry (college and career groups as well as high school and junior high school).

April 5th – Met with Brooklyn College’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group that meets on campus. We discussed technology anticipated within the Bible and how the Scripture seems to link its existence with end-times. The president of the local chapter is Dawn Jacobs – she is in fellowship at my local church in Yonkers, NY.

April 19th – Participated in Associates for Biblical Research’s Annual Dinner down at Shady Maple in East Earl, PA. Our guest speaker this year was Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research. A good crowd north of 400 was in attendance. Dr. Morris gave the audience a clear understanding of the topographical /geological impact the Global Flood caused to the earth.

April 21st – Spoke on proof for the Lord’s Resurrection at the Missionary Breakfast of Southern Ontario held at Scottlea Gospel Chapel. It was encouraging to see so many of the saints come out in full force to support Missions efforts around the globe.

April 21st / 22nd – Spoke at a Christian Evidences Conference held over a two-day period at Thorold South Gospel Chapel – also in Southern, Ontario.

May 12th – Gave the commencement address at the Emmaus Bible College graduation in Dubuque, IA. It was a bit surreal giving the address to my alma mater. The Emmaus Experience is a great one and I encourage those interested in pursuing undergraduate studies to take a long hard look at the college.

May 26th – 28th – Tag-teamed with Scott DeGroff in ministering at the North East Youth Retreat. A number of the area assemblies get together annually to hold this youth focused conference. This year more than 160 were in attendance. The conference theme as selected by the organizers was “T-U-F” Love: Trust, Unity and Forgiveness.

June 2nd – Participated in the 1st annual Why We Web Conference held at North York Gospel Chapel in York, PA. This effort saw the likes of Paul Bramsen, Jesse Gentile, Keith Keyser, and Steve Sanchez come together to help equip the saints on how to make better use of the internet. The conference was the brain child of Crawford Paul, Scott Thompson, Sherri Jason, and Mike Stoudt. There were 80 participants in all – and it looks like the numbers will get only bigger for the next go round. Incidentally, if you or your ministry is in need of a website, I would strongly suggest reaching out to mySonlight – it is a work that is owned and operated by those in assembly fellowship.

June 3rd – 8th – Was the speaker for the senior teens at Horton Haven Christian Camp in Tennessee. The camp has chosen as its theme this year Matthew 6: 33 and “seeking first the kingdom of God”. I built upon this and focused the ministry for the week on “Believing the Word of God”. We spent a good deal of the sessions showing how the Bible is reliable when it comes to matters of Science. All told, there were some 52 campers in attendance.

I should be able to settle down from all of my travels for the rest of the month of June :+)
~ Rob