Update from Rob

Update from Rob

I hope everyone is surviving the hot sweltering summer. I have spent a good portion of my free time this summer re-crafting the material that will go under the “Science” section of the website. After it is all posted, we will represent more than 30 different fields of science / engineering that the Scripture touches upon covering over 200 separate topics. In short, our intention is to show that the Bible makes claims about the universe we live, many years ahead of the discoveries of modern science. The Bible authenticates itself as having an ultimate Author Who is outside of our Time-Space-Matter universe.

Just some of the scientific disciplines we’ll be covering include aerodynamics, astronomy, astrophysics, electromagnetism, hydrology, mathematics, nautical engineering, neuroscience, and thermodynamics – just to name a few! Within a few weeks, you’ll start to see some of the material appear on the site. Hopefully, we’ll get it all posted before the summer is out. Every assertion will be footnoted / documented, so you should be able to follow up and do any additional research if you so desire.

Well back to work for now.