Trip Update

Trip Update


I just wanted to thank those of you who were praying for my trip over to Italy. There were 36 in total on the tour and we had a terrific time. We visited the likes of Rome, Venice, Milan, Bologna, Pisa, Florence and a few other places. It’s remarkable to think just how much of the New Testament was put together in and around Rome.

• Luke put together the Book of Acts as a kind of legal defense for Paul @ 60 – 62 AD while he was awaiting his first trial before Nero (Acts 28: 16, 30).
• Paul penned his Prison Epistles @ 60 – 62 AD from his rented house (see Acts 28: 30), including Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon.
• Paul authored his final letter to his young son in the faith, II Timothy, shortly before he was beheaded @ 66 or 67 AD. This was probably from the Mamertine Prison just outside the Roman Forum.

If you accept that Peter made it to Rome (as the early Church fathers indicate), then there are a number of additional books that were likely written from Rome as well:

• Mark probably penned his Gospel while in Rome with Peter @ 40 – 42 AD. For all intents and purposes, Mark’s Gospel is really Peter’s account of the Lord’s ministry.
• Peter may have written I Peter from Rome if you believe I Peter 5: 13 is a veiled reference to Rome (and not literal Babylon).
• Peter authored II Peter shortly before he was put to death by the Romans @ 66 or 67 AD. As with Paul’s final letter to Timothy, this too was probably from the Mamertine Prison.