The Broad Wall – Jerusalem, Israel

A ‘must-see’ in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s old city is the Broad Wall.  Its remains were first uncovered in 1970 by Nahman Avigad. It is roughly 23 feet thick and still stands about 10 feet high.

Artifacts have been found bearing out that this wall dates as far back as the time of Hezekiah. This evidence is in keeping with the Bible. II Chronicles 32: 3 – 5 bear out that Hezekiah built up Jerusalem’s walls in this vicinity in advance of the oncoming Assyrian Army. Prior to this effort, Jerusalem’s walls only encompassed the Temple Mount and the Ophel (plateau directly south of the Temple Mount).

The Broad Wall is one of those shining examples of just how reliable the Scripture is in its rendering of history. Isaiah mentions a detail about just how part of these walls were constructed:

“You (Hezekiah) numbered the houses of Jerusalem, and the houses you broke down to fortify the wall.”

Isaiah 22: 9

Isaiah actually rebukes Hezekiah and Jerusalem in the passage in part for this. He primarily rebukes them for not having remembered the Lord. Upon a close look you can see remains of an 8th Century BC home. The wall was built right through it. The Scripture is dead on accurate!

There is also evidence of construction dating to the mid 5th Century BC. This too would be in accordance with Scripture. After Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586BC, its walls were left in ruins. Nehemiah would remedy that around 444/444BC.  

“…and they fortified Jerusalem unto the Broad Wall.” 

Nehemiah 3: 8

Yet more corroborating physical evidence for the reliability of the Bible!