Old Testament Authentication – 12 Keys

How do we know that the Old Testament has not changed like the Game of Telephone over time In fact, we can go back in time and look at manuscripts over the years to see that we have an authentic and authenticated work. You can trust that the writings of Isaiah and Moses and John and all the others have not changed over time as they were copied.

In order to demonstrate the authenticity of the Old Testament, we will use 12 keys to do so.

  1. Printing Press
  2. Scribal Tradition
  3. Samaritan Pentateuch
  4. Nash Papyrus
  5. Targums
  6. Septuagint (LXX)
  7. Early Christian Writings
  8. Talmud
  9. Midrashim
  10. Dead Sea Scrolls
  11. Hinnom Valley Amulets (“Copper” Scrolls)
  12. Archeology in general