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Critics believe that the Bible, like the telephone game, has errors with portions being added and other portions being removed over time. Are the critics correct? Is it possible the Bible has changed over time?


The Bible was written over a 2000 year span by more than 40 authors on three different continents. Did error make its way into the text – or does the evidence suggest something very different?


It would make sense that the closer you can get back to the time of the original manuscripts, the less opportunity there is for error.  In other words, the older your copies are of the original manuscripts – the more certain you can be as to what the original message was.


In the telephone game, this would be equivalent to having fewer children involved in relaying the message before it reached you.


It would also make sense that the more agreement you have among your collection of manuscripts (among your various copies of the original text), the more certainty there is that you have the genuine article.


In the telephone game, this would be equivalent to having each of the children recount the message they heard – and finding that they are all in agreement.


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