Jerusalem Archeological Park Temple Ritual Baths – Jerusalem, Israel

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In Acts 2 it says that as a result of the message Peter gave – some 3,000 people put their trust in Christ and were subsequently baptized. Peter’s sermon and the subsequent mass baptism took place in the vicinity of the Temple. For years, skeptics would point to this passage and say that this was not possible. The argument was that there was no body of water near the Temple whereby so many people could be baptized.

This argument was dismissed though as the Southern Temple mount area began to be excavated. A whole series of ‘Mikvahs’ or ritual baths were discovered that could easily accommodate full body immersion for so great a number.

What’s the Point?

The discovery of these ritual baths confirms that there was indeed access to water on the temple mount. Yet again, with this archeological discovery, the Bible has proven to be a reliable witness to history.