Hazor – Israel

Just a few miles north of the Sea of Galilee is perhaps the largest tel in all of Israel, Hazor. This city controlled entrance into the Land from the north and guarded against invasion.

Scriptural Significance

Israel conquered Hazor under Joshua (see Joshua 11: 10 ff), ultimately putting it to the fire. This location would later be the scene of bitter battles between Israel and the Canaanites (Judges 4). It also was one of the cities particularly mentioned (note I Kings 9: 15) as being fortified during the time of Solomon, along with Megiddo and Gezer.

There were three cities burned by the Joshua and the Israelites when the Conquest took place: Jericho, AI, and Hazor. Each of these sites has now been located archaeologically and each has a resident burn layer dating to roughly 1400BC.