About Christian Evidences Ministries

Christian Evidences Ministries was first launched as the itinerant speaking ministry of Rob Sullivan in 2003. As an Aerospace Engineering grad, Rob brings a scientific perspective to his Bible study and speaking. He was often asked to speak to middle school, high school and college groups on whether or not the Bible could be taken as a reliable book. The vast majority of questions Rob was asked centered on four main topics:

  • The Authenticity of the Biblical texts – How can we know for sure that Scriptural texts have not been corrupted during their transmission over the ages?
  • The Historical Reliability of the Bible – What evidence is there that the Bible is a reliable witness to history and correctly reflects historical events?
  • The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible – How do the Bible’s scientific assertions match up to what science has discovered?
  • The Bible’s ability to Predict the Future – Does the Scripture anticipate future events and technology and how does it evidence Authorship outside of our Time-Space-Matter universe?

Over the nearly two decades since this ministry began, Rob has spoken over 2,000 times on Bible topics such as these. Rob is on numerous boards, including Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry , and is the Board Chair of School Ministries, an organization that supports Christians in sharing the Gospel to public school students. He is also Chair of the Board of Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) . This ministry conducts the largest archaeological digs in the world.  

Rob and Susie in Jerusalem

In the summer of 2019, Rob married Susie (Henderson). Susie began her career teaching second and third grades in public schools. It was this backdrop that instilled in her the urgency of preparing teachers to make an impact for Christ, and for thirteen years she was the Program Director for Elementary Education at Emmaus Bible College, equipping students to teach the next generations. One of Susie’s professional loves is brain-based learning, and she enjoys discovering current evidence in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, and education that support the truth of Scripture.

Together, Rob and Susie run Christian Evidences – a ministry designed to spark critical thinking in the minds of those who examine the reliability of the Bible.

For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endures to all generations! 

Psalm 100:5