Lions and Strangled Prey

Where is the den of the lions, and the feeding-place of the young lions, where the lion [and] the lioness walked, the lion’s whelp, and none made them afraid? The lion did tear in pieces enough for his whelps, and strangled for his lionesses, and filled his caves with prey, and his dens with torn flesh.”                – Nahum 2: 11 – 12


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1. Nahum writes the word to his prophecy more than 2600 years ago

2. He describes a particular aspect of lion behavior that has really only been learned of and understood in recent decades

  • He mentions that lions will strangle their prey
  • In 1972, noted biologist and zoologist George B. Schaller after extensive study of lions in their natural habitat, documented this exact behavior and changed conventional wisdom on the topic
    • To quote him: “They [lions] creep up, rush the prey, hook a flank to bring it down, then slowly kill by strangulation.” 1

3. The Bible is accurate in its zoology