Relevant Pioneer Quotes

And when with excellent Microscopes I discern in otherwise invisible Objects the Inimitable Subtlety of Nature’s Curious Workmanship; And when, in a word, by the help of Anatomical Knives, and the light of Chemical Furnaces, I study the Book of Nature, and consult the Glosses of Aristotle, Epicurus, Paracelsus, Harvey, Helmont, and other learned Expositors of that instructive Volume; I find my self oftentimes reduced to exclaim with the Psalmist, How manifold are thy works, O Lord? In wisdom hast thou made them all.”
– Robert Boyle, Some Motives and Incentives to the Love of God (1659) 1




















1.  Robert Boyle is one of the foremost chemists in history. A basic course in chemistry will be quick to touch upon the law named after him–namely, that there is an inverse relationship between the volume and pressure of a gas 2

2.  Boyle was an avid defender of the Christian faith.

  • He contributed a great deal of funds to the translation of the Scripture into those languages where it had not yet been done
  • He founded the Royal Society of London as one of the early Creationist Organizations in an effort to combat those who might try to twist science as disproving the Bible
  • He left in his will a fund to advance the “Boyle Lectures” – a series of treatises designed to offer up scientific viewpoints that favored the Scripture
  • Boyle believed science to be a religious task designed to learn more about the workmanship of the Creator 3

3.  The Bible is accurate in its chemistry