The Bible and Philosophy (Study of Knowledge or Wisdom)


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Raphael’s School of Athens (painted in the Vatican from 1510 – 1511) is one of the most clever paintings of the Italian Renaissance

  • The artists meant it is a “Visualization of Knowledge” with some 47 different figures from Greece’s ancient past depicted
  • Most of these historical figures were not contemporaries of one another…
  • As you move from left to right, there is a transition from Philosophy to Pure Science
  • The 4 basic elements of Greek philosophy are shown in the colors of Plato’s (red – fire; white – air) and Aristotle’s (earth – brown; water – blue) garments

Philosophers and Apologists down through the years have wrestled with the Arguments for the Existence of God

  • Within this section, we’ll lay out the primary Naturalistic Arguments for the Existence of God