Neanderthal Man – La Chapelle-aux-Saints












The burial image is a reconstruction found at the Musée de l’Homme de Néandertal, France:

Skull Image Source: (actually from our own Christian Evidences website) – but we can credit Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of Natural History

1. La Chapelle–aux–Saints is the name given to a Neanderthal Man that was discovered in La Chapelle-aux-Saints, France in 1908

  • This was the first relatively in tact skull of a Neanderthal ever found
  • The skull has the low vaulted cranium and a large brow ridge
  • Those who hold to an old-earth view or to a Darwinian position believe him to have lived around 60,000 years ago and to have belonged to a man who died around age 40 1

2. Cuozzo’s research on La Chapelle–aux–Saints yielded an age of at least 283 years at the time of death 2

3. Neanderthal remains are solid evidence that Ancient Man lived to be the old ages as mentioned in the early chapters of Genesis!