Treasury of Snow

“Have you entered the treasury of snow, or have you seen the treasury of hail…” – Job 38: 22


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1.   At the time of Job, no one could have known about the treasuries that comprise snow

2.  With the advent of the microscope, we now have access to the world of wonder that is snow


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3.  These pictures are actual crystals of snow as seen under a microscope

  • Snow crystals form within clouds when water vapors condense and crystallize into ice

4.  As the crystals grow these remarkably complex, symmetrical and beautiful patterns begin to emerge

  • What’s really ironic, is that man-made snow (say at a ski-resort) has none of these properties 1
5.  Notice how very different man-made snow looks under a microscope – hardly an engineering beauty… 2
6.  Here is a side by side comparison

  • The image on the left has some natural snow with some man-made under microscope
  • The image on the right is of man made snow 3


7.  Much of this has to do with the nature of the water molecule and how God has designed it

  • Each Oxygen atom has a little bit of negative charge
  • It holds onto two Hydrogen atoms that both have a little bit of positive charge
  • The Hydrogen atoms are held 104 degrees apart

8.  When the temperature reaches freezing, then the electrical attraction of those positive and negative forces can pull molecules together

  • This provides the energy for the snow crystals to begin to form to begin to form
  • Using that unique water molecule shape, the molecules begin to align in marvelous patterns 4












9.  Every day, literally trillions of these unique engineering marvels fall to earth

  • Each snow crystal is comprised of millions of water molecules
  • Every one of which is hexagonal in shape and yet, not two of these are are exactly alike

10.  As the ice crystals fall down through the atmosphere on the way to earth, they are impacted by different temperatures and pressures

  • The nuances of which, enable each snow crystal to be completely unique from the next one

11.  Indeed, the marvelous symmetry of design enables it to be said (as does the Word of God), “there is the treasury of snow” 5


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