The Cell and Irreducible Complexity


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1.  Up until this past Century, we had no idea just how complex and interactively dependent biological systems are…

2.  A cell is like a very complex factory. Many different ‘molecular machines’, like the golgi-apparatus, the endoplasmic reticulum, the mitochondria and many more, take care of various processes within the cell. The processes are all part of one system, which means that the one process cannot function without other processes. You could say there is a certain cooperation between the various organelles within the cell.
3.  The cell is yet another example of something that is irreducibly complex

4.  The point is the evolutionary processes would not produce such complexity by definition – biological processes according to evolution will weed out that which is useless or detrimental. Unless, you have each of the parts showing up at the exact same time in the same life form – the individual components would serve no purpose.