Life Sustenance of Blood

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood.”                                                              – Leviticus 17: 11


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1.  Blood enables so many key biological processes to take place:

  • Blood causes growth, builds new cells, grows bone and flesh, stores fat, makes hair and nails
  • Blood feeds and supports all the organs of the body
  • Blood repairs the body, clots wounds, grows new flesh, new skin and even new nerves
  • Blood fights disease

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2.  Back in 1988, a construction worker by the name of Mike Thomas fell some 70 feet. In the process of falling, a cable wrapped around his arm and severed his hand a few inches above the wrist. A fellow worker carried his severed hand to the hospital. Because of the jagged nature of the injury, doctors chose not to immediately reattach the hand. Instead they attached his hand to blood vessels on his abdomen wall to “keep it alive”. Some two months later, the doctors removed the hand from his abdomen wall and reattached it to his arm.
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3.  Indeed, the life of the flesh is in the blood.