Blood Circulatory System

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood.”                                                              – Leviticus 17: 11


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1.  The Bible is reliable in its understanding of the importance of blood to the life of the body – something modern science has only appreciated a few centuries

  • Up until the early 1800’s, science believed that bloodletting was the best way to treat many illnesses.
  • This draining of blood was part of the “humoral system” of medicine
  • It was believed that blood could stagnate in the body (and not circulate as we know it does today) and throw off so-called balances
  • This approach to medicine held sway in much of the ancient world including ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, the Islamic nations, and other regions as well

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2.  Historians believe it was blood letting (through use of leeches) that ultimately took George Washington’s life in 1799

  • George Washington seems to have developed pneumonia while riding his horse
  • His attending physicians drained as much as 4 lbs. of blood from his body – this ultimately caused him to bleed to death
  • They didn’t understand the importance of blood to his health

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3.  They were without excuse though as William Harvey (physician to both King James I and King Charles I) had discovered in 1616 AD the blood circulatory system and its essential nature to the life of our bodies
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4.  Moses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit had written the words of Leviticus more than 1400 years BC

5.  The Bible is accurate in its understanding of hematology