Multigrain Breads and Complex Carbohydrates

“Also take for yourself wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and spelt; put them into one vessel, and make bread of them for yourself.”                                                                                   – Ezekiel 4: 9


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1.  The context of this passage is one where God is asking Ezekiel to demonstrate through an object lesson the coming judgment that is to befall Jerusalem

  • The object lesson involves the prophet laying on his left side for 390 days and his right side for another 40 days
  • This is a tough prophecy to give and even a tougher object lesson to demonstrate
  • Yet, God does give a recipe for how to make a certain kind of bread – its this bread that is going to sustain the prophet during what is to be a lengthy exercise

2.  Wheat, barley, beans, lentil, millet, and spelt are combined to make a multi-grain bread of sorts that is a combination of complex carbohydrates

  • This combination provides proteins, multiple amino acids, fibers, and rich nutrients that provide good health

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3.  An entire company, Food for Life, has sprung up using the bread making methodology as laid out in Ezekiel’s text:

  • “We discovered when these six grains and legumes are sprouted and combined, an amazing thing happens. A complete protein is created that closely parallels the protein found in milk and eggs. In fact, the protein quality is so high, that it is 84.3% as efficient as the highest recognized source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. There are 18 amino acids present in this unique bread – from all vegetable sources – naturally balanced in nature.”

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