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“It is … interesting that granite, the foundational rock for the continents, is hard to explain apart from creation. For example, you can’t make granite in the laboratory.  And if you take a block of granite and bring it to the molten condition in the laboratory, and then cool it down with any time/temperature – cooling scenario you want, you will not get granite.

Now to full appreciate this you would have to know something about phase diagrams and the mineral quartz, feldspar, mica that make up granite.  I could say a lot more here because this was the are of my PhD graduate studies, but I will move on.  The beautiful, well-formed, solid granite that we have all over the world is very hard to explain apart from” Creation!” 1

  • Dr. Dave Reid received his PhD in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University in 1967 and was a research scientist in industry.
  • He also went on to receive a Master Degree on Theological Studies from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in 1965.
  • Dr. Dave taught at Emmaus Bible College from 1975 thru 2003 and was the founder of Growing Christian Ministries in 1971.
  • Dr. Dave was a mentor and advisor to Christian Evidences Ministries since its inception in 2003.
  • In fact, the ministry is named after a course that Dr. Dave taught at Emmaus Bible College to its founder in 1986.