Trace Fossils and Ephemeral Markings


On occasion, we find within sedimentary rock “ephemeral markings” – these are imprints/impressions that are made in mud and or sand that is rapidly hardened into stone with the impressions still in tact 1

  • Such ephemeral markings are also known as “trace fossils” or “ichnofossils” 2
  • These can include things like bird tracks or wave ripples or other types of evidence of movement that would normally be left within a soft surface 3
  • This usually occurs through some form of flood catastrophe (usually the laying down of a lot of water rapidly) 4

The image above is of a dinosaur track found in Arizona 5

The Bible is accurate in its geology


These ephemeral marks are of raindrops located in Golden, Colorado 6

















These trace fossils are of bird tracks located at Soldier’s Summit, Utah

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At an area known as Cal Orko, in Bolivia there is an enormous rock face slanting upwards at 73 degree angle that is known as the “Dinosaur Wall”

  • Embedded within it are roughly 5,000 tracks involving 294 separate dinosaurs, of at least 6 different types
  • This seems to have been a lake bed which got heaved upward as the Andes began to arise 7












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