Relevant Pioneer Quotes

william-kirby“In no part of creation are the POWER, WISDOM, and GOODNESS of its beneficent and almighty Author more signally conspicuous than in the various animals that inhabit and enliven our globe.”
– William Kirby, The Seventh Bridgewater Treatise on the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God as Manifested in the Creation: The History, Habits and Instinct of Animals, Vol. 1, (1835)

1.  Perhaps more than anyone else, William Kirby (1759 – 1850) advanced the study of insects to the level of a formal and academically accepted science

  • For this reason, he is called the “Father of Entomology”
  • He co-authored with William Spence in 1815 a work entitled An Introduction to Entomology (historians consider this to be a seminal work on the subject) 1

2.  Interestingly enough, the study really took off as an applied science due to its use in forensic analysis

  • Researchers at Scotland Yard and across the English Channel in both France and Germany began to see the value such a science could play in solving crimes
  • For example, the maturity of maggots within a corpse can help determine the time of death for homicide victims
  • Other more obvious uses related to agriculture, also propelled the field 2

3.  William Kirby also happened to be a minister of the Gospel for almost 6 decades

  • He saw his scientific pursuits as an opportunity to glorify the Creator 3
  • Kirby is just another in a long line of scientists who were Bible believing Christians that trusted the inspiration and authority of the Scripture 4
  • And, he believed in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ! 5

4.  The Bible is accurate in its entomology