By the Skin of Our Teeth

skin-of-teethMy bone clings to my skin and to my flesh, and I have escaped by the skin of my teeth. – Job 19: 20


1.  On the surface of your teeth’s enamel is a thin protein film called “Enamel Pellicle” (a.k.a. Dental Pellicle)

  • This is considered to exist as a result of certain precursor proteins within saliva that is absorbed on to the teeth
  • This helps limit the amount of microbes adhering to your teeth 1

2.  The enamel pellicle is a membrane mechanism that all teeth have

  • It appears that at one point, this was helpful in renewing tooth enamel
  • Such a process has been greatly diminished within the the human race over the past few thousand years
  • Contrary to evolution, it would appear that this positive information capability is leaving the species over time
  • This is based off of evidence examining Neanderthal remains 2

3.  With the presence of this membrane on the teeth, It would appear that the Bible is accurate in its view of dental matters

  • To quote Jack Cuozzo: “It now seems reasonable to conclude, on the basis of the Bible and current research, that the enamel of the teeth at one time did have a powerful means to repair itself via the cuticle or pellicle membrane and the healing mechanism of the saliva which fed this system” 3