Singular Human Race

“God has made of one race (blood) all the nations of men.”    – Acts 17: 26


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1.  The Bible says that we all descended from one set of parents (namely, Adam and Eve). We’re all one race.

  • Sure enough, all people groups on earth can interbreed and produce fertile offspring

2.  This shows that the biological differences between the “races” are not very great. In fact, the DNA differences are trivial.

  • This is why there can be tissue/organ matches outside of your “race” 1
  • The DNA of any two people in the world would typically differ by just 0.2 %

3.  Speaking of the races, let’s discuss for a moment some of the seemingly outward variances:

  • Skin Color: The reason our skin color varies is not due to some kind of differing DNA information in one “race” versus another. It has to do with a pigment found in each one of us called melanin. Depending on how much you have, this darkens or lightens the skin. The key though is that the information for melanin is found in each of us (i.e., in every race’s DNA). Note that the slide picture is from AIG… 2
  • Eye Shape: Generally, whatever feature we may look at, no people group has anything that is essentially different from that possessed by any other. For example, the Asian or almond eye differs from a typical Caucasian eye in having more fat around them and subtle differences in orbital bone locations that impact eyelids. Both Asian and Caucasians have orbital bones and fatty tissue. 3

4.  The Bible is accurate in its biology