Noah’s Flood and Animal Ancestry


Dog Variation Image Source

Wolf Image Source

1.  According to Genesis, God made distinct animals and plants to reproduce “after their own kind”

  • The Bible uses this expression 10x and is speaking of biology here.
  • Dogs can only mate with dogs, and cats with other cats. This is exactly what we find in nature

2.  Note: Science Magazine in November of 2002 produced a study with the following findings:

  • “The origin of the domestic dog from wolves has been established … we examined the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequence variation among 654 domestic dogs representing all major dog populations worldwide … suggesting a common origin from a single gene pool for all dog populations.”
  • Most likely Noah took two wolves aboard the Ark – they became the ancestors for all of the dogs seen in the world today 1

3.  The Bible is accurate in its biology