Relevant Pioneer Quotes



“Sir James Simpson was once … interviewed by a newspaper man who asked, “Sir, what do you consider your greatest discovery?” Sir James replied, “My greatest discovery was when I discovered I was a sinner in the sight of God.’ The newspaper man tried again: “Thank you, Sir James. And now would you please tell me your second greatest discovery”. “By all means,” replied that great Christian. “My second greatest discovery was when I discovered that Jesus died for a sinner like me.” 1



1.  “After the tragic death of his fifteen-year old son Jamie, Simpson had a profound encounter with Jesus Christ.  ‘I am the oldest sinner and the youngest believer in this room’ he said to a gathering of enthusiastic medical missionary students.  Despite his fame for discovering chloroform, Simpson said to all: “My greatest discovery is Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior”. 2

2.  Though Simpson was the discoverer of the anesthetic qualities of chloroform, he did not consider this to be the most important discovery of his life… 3


  1. Citation from, – See also Sir James Simpson’s Tract: Jesus Became Our Substitute
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