Relevant Pioneer Quotes





“The Bible is the only reliable and consistent source of truth; it is like a fixed frame of reference. Other authorities, such as science and logic, are not sufficient, as they may change in time and space; they are like a changing frame of reference.”

George S. Hawke, (as quoted within John F. Ashton’s work, In Six Days – Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation) (2000)






1.  George S. Hawke is a world renown meteorologist and senior environmental consultant

  • He holds a B.S. with first class honors in physics from the University of Sydney, and a Ph.D. in air pollution meteorology from Macquarie University
  • For more than 2 decades, Dr. Hawke worked as an environmental scientist and environmental consultant for Australian regulatory bodies
  • He is also a certified environmental auditor with the Quality Society of Australasia 1