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1.  Another key pioneer in understanding air pressure (and the pressure of gases in general) was John Dalton (1766 – 1844)

  • He is considered by many to be the Father of Atomic Theory as he demonstrated that the atomic weights of elements are proportionate to one another 1

2.  In 1787, Dalton became interested in meteorology

  • He began to make daily observations regarding the weather – eventually this list grew to contain over 200,000 entries 2

3.  In 1803 Dalton published his law of partial pressures known as Dalton’s Law:

  • “When different gases combine, the resulting pressure will be the sum of what each gas gives individually” 3

4.  John Dalton was a Bible believing Christian 4


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5.  Air Pressure is really a combination of the individual pressures of those gaseous elements of which it is comprised

  • Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures was first devised in 1803 5