Math, Science and Engineering

Fields of Science and Bible-Believing Christians

“I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”     Genesis 12: 2-3

God tells Abraham in the verses above that the entire world would be blessed as a result of him and his descendants. This is really prophecy, and as we have already seen (note our section on “All the Families of the World”) – this has been fulfilled in the most astounding ways.

Another way in which this has been fulfilled involves the fields of mathematics, science and engineering. Jewish scientists have been at or near the forefront of so many fields of mathematic and scientific endeavors. This prophecy is also fulfilled by extension, through the work of those Christians who believe in the Jewish Messiah.

The following fields of science and math were founded by Bible-believing Christians:

  1.  Antiseptic Surgery –         Joseph Lister
  2.   Bacteriology –                  Louis Pasteur
  3.   Calculus –                        Isaac Newton
  4.   Celestial Mechanics –      Johannes Kepler
  5.   Chemistry –                     Robert Boyle
  6.   Comparative Anatomy –  Georges Cuvier
  7.   Computer Science –        Charles Babbage
  8.   Dimensional Analysis –     Lord Rayleigh
  9.   Dynamics –                      Isaac Newton
  10.   Electronics –                    John Ambrose Fleming
  11.   Electrodynamics –            James Clerk Maxwell
  12.   Electromagnetics –           Michael Faraday
  13.   Energetics –                     Lord Kelvin
  14.   Entomology –                  Henri Fabre
  15.   Field Theory –                Michael Faraday
  16.   Fluid Mechanics –           George Stokes
  17.   Galactic Astronomy –      Sir William Herschel
  18.   Gas Dynamics –              Robert Boyle
  19.   Genetics –                      Gregor Mendel
  20.   Glacial Geology –           Louis Agassiz
  21.   Gynecology –                 James Simpson
  22.   Hydrography –               Matthew Maury
  23.   Hydrostatics –                Blaise Pascal
  24.   Ichthyology –                  Louis Agassiz
  25.   Isotopic Chemistry –       William Ramsey
  26.   Model Analysis –             Lord Rayleigh
  27.   Natural History –             John Ray
  28.   Non-Euclidian Geometry –      Bernard Riemann
  29.   Oceanography –                     Matthew Maury
  30.   Optical Mineralogy –               David Brewster

Just to name a few!


Indeed all of the families of the world have been blessed as a result of Abraham (and more importantly, as a result of his offspring – the Lord Jesus Christ)!