Prophecy Concerning the City-State of Tyre

Ezekiel’s prophecies, written more than 600 years BC (before Christ), mention the following with respect to Tyre:

Read the prophecy concerning Tyre: Ezekiel 26: 3-14, 21

This passage predicts the complete destruction of Tyre, and with great detail,the way in which it would be destroyed:

Ezekiel begins his prophecy with the declaration that Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonianswould lay siege to this city found along the Mediterranean coast (modern day Lebanon). This prophecy was later fulfilled when Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Tyre from 585 – 572BC.

Initially, the prophet spoke of a single coming conqueror. However, soon the prediction switched and began to refer to more that one coming conqueror. Starting with verse 12, the conqueror was no longer referred to in the singular “he”, but now as “they”. History records three centuries laterhow in 332BC, Alexander the Great and his Greek armies attacked Tyre.

Further, verse 12 provides great detail as to how the city would be taken. The ruins of the old city would be used to build a causeway out to the island citadel which Tyre had become by that time. This is exactly what the Greek armies did over a six month stretch.

Verse 14 says that in time, fishermen would actually spread their nets out over the causeway.If you travel to Lebanon, you can see the fishermen drying their nets on this ancient structure.

Finally, verse 21 indicates that the city’s location would be lost to history. To this day, archeologists are unsure of where exactly Tyre stood.