Ipuwer Papyrus

The Ipuwer Papyrus is the sole surviving manuscript which contains an ancient Egyptian poem officially designated as Papyrus Leiden I 344 recto. The English translation of this title is The Admonitions of Ipuwer. A new edition has been published and it’s entitled The Dialogue of Ipuwer and the Lord of All. The Swedish consul to Egypt, Dutchman Giovanni Anastasi, purchased the Ipuwer Papyrus in 1828 and it is now housed in Leiden, Netherlands at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.

One point here, Egyptologists are all over the place on dating the original source of this literature. Some date it as far back as 1800BC. Others place it @ 1500BC. If my thinking is correct, it is the Egyptian account of the Exodus which would have taken place in 1446BC.

The oldest copy we have dates to 1300’s BC.

What is of such great interest to Christians about this manuscript is the amazing similarities between the words of the poem and the account of the Ten Plagues of Egypt in Exodus. The Ipuwer Papyrus is describing some great disaster that had taken place in Egypt. A disaster as had never been seen before.

Papyrus 2: 5-6 says “Plague is throughout the land. Blood is everywhere.” Compare that with Exodus 7:21 where it says, “… there is blood throughout all the land of Egypt.”