Early Versions

Early Versions of the New Testament testify to it’s Authenticity

The New Testament was written in Koine Greek by the Apostles. There are several copies of the entire New Testament that date within a few hundred years of its writing. Some of the earliest versions are shown here. Note that the term “codex” simply means “book form”.  At this point in history, books began to be used as opposed to scrolls or parchment.

Codex Sinaiticus (350AD): the oldest copy to date that has been found of the entire New and Old Testaments.

Image provided courtesy of www.biblefacts.org

Codex Vaticanus (325AD) contains all of the New Testament and most of the Old Testament.


When you compare Papyri, Uncials, Minuscules, Lectionaries and early versions of the New Testament, they are virtually identical!