Authenticity of New Testament

The Evidence Shows that our New Testament is Authentic


How can we know for sure that the collection of Books making up the New Testament haven’t changed over time?  After all, it was entirely written during the 1st Century.  Isn’t it likely that between that time and now, errors would have crept in? 

As is the case with the Old Testament, the evidence suggests something quite the opposite. 

Overwhelming proof exists that the collection of Books making up the New Testament are virtually the same today as when they were first written!  Search the links to the right to see just a sampling of some of this evidence.

Remember, as you view this evidence there are two important factors to keep in mind.

  1. The closer we get to the time of the original writings, the less opportunity there is for mistakes to have made their  way into the text.

  2. The more agreement we have among our various copies of the text,  the more certain we can be as to the text’s authenticity.