Mari Tablets

Mari Tablets Provide an Eye-Witness Accounting of the Events Spoken of in Scripture

Discovered in 1933 along the Euphrates River, the Mari Tablets are diplomatic correspondences and governmental records involving King Zimri-Lim (a contemporary of Babylon’s Hammurabi). To date 20,000 clay tablets have been found dating back to circa 1800 BC.

Biblical Significance:

  • Mentions city of Nahor which apparently is named after the Nahor who is identified in Genesis 11: 24
  • References the “Habiru” people (most likely an Akkadian reference to the Hebrews – an allusion to them as a nomadic people)
  • Mentions customs of the patriarchal times that are spoken of in Scripture.We have eyewitness testimony confirming the truthfulness of Scripture.

sword_icon2The Mari Tablets corroborate historical events spoken of in the Bible.  As a result, we have yet more proof that the Bible is historically accurate.