Gilgamesh Epic

Gilgamesh Epic Provides an Eye-Witness Accounting to Events Spoken of in Scripture

Discovered near the ancient site of Nineveh, these 12 cuneiform clay tablets may date as far back as 2750 BC. These are part of a larger set of Sumerian tablets relating to a collection of city-states called Sumer found in Mesopotamia.


digging_icon2Biblical Significance:

  • The 11th Tablet speaks of an ark, animals being taken into the ark, aworldwide flood, birds being sent out during the course of the flood, ark’s having landed on a mountain, and the offering of a sacrifice after the ark landed.
  • Note the Sumerian King List (circa 2125 BC) mentions a great flood and, interestingly,  mentions that those who lived before the Flood, lived much longer than those after the Flood.
  • Other Sumerian tablets also seem to speak of Man’s formation out of the dust of the ground, the first woman’s formation from a man’s rib, a Paradise like Eden with four great rivers where man was tempted by a crafty serpent, a test involving a tree,and finally the confusion of language as a result of man’s wickedness at some tower.
  • This serves as extra-biblical evidence for many of the events found in Genesis 1 – 11.

The Gilgamesh Epic alludes to historical events spoken of in the Bible. As a result, we have yet more proof that the Bible is historically accurate.