Babylonian Chronicles

Babylonian Chronicles Provide an Eye-Witness Accounting to Events Spoken of in Scripture

The Babylonian Chronicles were found in 1956; these 4 tablets date to circa 600 BC. These record the events associated with the rise of the Babylonian Empire and King Nebuchadnezzar.


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digging_icon2Biblical Significance:

  • These recount the Fall of Assyria, Egypt and then Judah to Babylon in similar fashion to what we find in II Kings, II Chronicles, Jeremiah and Daniel.
  • These confirm events surrounding the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC – which the Old Testament refers to in Jeremiah 46: 2 and II Kings 24: 7-17.

The Babylonian Chronicles corroborate historical events spoken of in the Bible. As a result, we have yet more proof that the Bible is historically accurate.