Nuzi Tablets

Nuzi Tablets Provide an Eye-Witness Accounting to Events Spoken of in the Bible

The Nuzi Tablets were found shortly before WWII, just to the east of Mari and the Euphrates River. There are several thousand cuneiform tablets (dating back to 1500 BC) which confirm many customs that are mentioned in the Bible.


Above image is provided Courtesy of the Semitic Museum, Harvard University

Biblical Significance:

  • The custom of childless couples having the eldest servant inherit one’s wealth (i.e., having a Servant Heir), is confirmed by the Nuzi Tablets. This practice is mentioned by Abraham in reference to Eliezer. Genesis 15: 2
    •  The custom of Birthright Sales is confirmed, as mentioned with Esau and Jacob.          Genesis 25: 31
  • The custom of Household Idols is also confirmed. Note the account of Rachel having stolen these from her father Laban. Genesis 31:19