Eye Witness Testimony Supporting Old Testament Accuracy

Eye Witness Accounts Exists which Confirm the Bible’s Recounting of History

We think you’ll agree, the evidence is overwhelming that the Bible is historically accurate!

The Old Testament presents itself as history:- from Creation (let’s place that seminal event at circa 4000BC) to just prior to the rise of Alexander the Great ( around 400BC).  Hundreds of names, places, and events are mentioned.

Contrarily, critics argue that the Old Testament is merely the Oral Tradition of the Jews placed into written form.  Critics argue that the Old Testament is filled with myth and exaggeration.  And yes, critics argue that the Old Testament is not to be viewed as history – but as legend designed to illustrate moral lessons and the value of virtue.

Who is correct?

When examining the credibility of any witness, we look for testimony from others that either validates or contradicts.  Obviously, there are no eye witnesses left alive who can confirm or deny the events spoken of in Scripture.  However, we have the writings of those who lived during that time.  Are there other documents of antiquity that confirm the Biblical accounts?

jones-1 Let’s put on our Indiana Jones hat and jacket – and play the part of the archeologist examining the findings of the past.  Search the links to the right to see just a sampling of the evidence…