Phlegon Mentions the Darkness that Occurred during Jesus’ Crucifixion

Phlegon is another 1st Century historian. In his work called Chronicles, he testifies that darkness came over the land at the time Christ was crucified. This is also referred to by Origen (185AD – 254AD) – one of the Church’s early theologians.

“And with regard to the eclipse in the time of Tiberius Caesar, at that time (in whose reign) Jesus appears to have been crucified”

Phlegon also testified to the fact that Jesus apparently could predict the future:

“Jesus (had) a knowledge of future events…also the results corresponded to his predictions”

Perhaps most telling of all is that Thallus (another Roman historian who lived from 50 – 70 AD) criticized Phlegon for saying that the eclipse lasted for three hours. He argued that no eclipse of the Sun could last as long as three hours. Thallus’s quote itself has been lost to history apart from others referencing it.

Isn’t it interesting however, that one Roman historian from the 1st Century takes another one from that same era to task about the casue of the darkness! Notice that they don’t argue whether or not it occurred.

Phlegon and Thallus testify to the following:

  • Jesus’s existence
  • Long period of Darkness in the middle of the day while Jesus was on the Cross
  • Jesus’s ability to predict the future