Josephus Testifies to Christ as a Miracle Worker and to his Resurrection

Josephus, who is probably the greatest historian of antiquity, was a Jewish war correspondent who traveled with the Roman army as they sacked Jerusalem. He lived from 37AD till 100AD.

Josephus testifies to Christ as being a Miracle Worker and reports of His resurrection:

He says this of Christ in Antiquities xviii.33:

“Now about this time arose an occasion for new disturbances, a certain Jesus, a wizard of a man, if indeed he may be called a man, who was the most monstrous of men, whom his disciples call a son of God, as having done wonders such as no man has ever done…. He was in fact a teacher of astonishing tricks to such men as accept the abnormal with delight…. And he seduced many Jews and many also of the Greek nation, and was regarded by them as the Messiah…. And when, on the indictment of the principal men among us, Pilate had sentenced him to the cross, still those who before had admired him did not cease to rave. For it seemed to them that having been dead for three days, he had appeared to them alive again, as the divinely-inspired prophets had foretold — these and ten thousand other wonderful things — concerning him. And even now the race of those who are called ‘Messianists’ after him is not extinct.”

Josephus testifies to the following:

  • The existence of Jesus
  • That Jesus performed miracles
  • The existence of the early Church
  • The Lord’s crucifixion
  • The role of Pilate and the trial
  • Jesus’s resurrection on the third day