Jerusalem Walls

In July of 2010, a clay fragment was discovered in Jerusalem that dated back to the 14th Century BC.  It would appear to be part of a governmental archive and serves as evidence that Jerusalem was the seat of government as far back as the 1400 years before Christ.  This confirms the Biblical view that Jerusalem was prominent going well back into history.  Source of information and picture of fragment can be found at:



Additionally, Israeli archeologists have confirmed the existence of large fortifications/walls around Jerusalem dating to the 10th Century BC (i.e., the time of Solomon).  This shows that Jerusalem was a significant governmental center at the time and confirms Biblical claims that the city was the seat of government for a significant power state/military power at the time.  Source of information would be and picture can be found at



Finally, the existence of the “Broad Wall” shows that Jerusalem was still significant at the time of Hezekiah and then again at the time of Nehemiah.