Corroborating Physical Evidence Supporting Old Testament Accuracy

Archeology Corroborates Places and Events Described in the Old Testament

Ancient Structures Supporting Old Testament Accuracy:

The events recounted in the Old Testament impact much of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern world.  The Bible is a History Book.  Juxtaposed against this are the claims of critics – that the Bible is a work of legend, replete with error and hyperbole.

To determine the reliability of a source, you must examine its credibility.  In a court of law, this is done by interviewing other eye witnesses (see our section on Ancient Tablets Supporting Old Testament Accuracy) and looking at forensic evidence.

But how do you look at forensic evidence when reviewing events that took place several thousand years ago?

This is where archeology comes into play.  The Bible mentions hundreds of locations and events.  Archeology enables us to see if such places exist and if there is any evidence of the events described.  Does archeology and its findings support Biblical accounts?

We think you’ll agree, the evidence is overwhelming that the Bible is historically accurate!

jones-1 Let’s put on our Indiana Jones hat and jacket and find out! Let’s play the part of the archeologist examining the findings of the past.  Search the links to the right to see just a sampling of the evidence…