Temple is Evidence of the Bible’s Historical Accuracy

The Temple is spoken of numerous times in Scripture. Today its platform and the remains from its destruction can still be seen at the Western Wall in Jerusalem:


Courtesy of Rex Geissler, GCI, http://greatcommission.com/


“The Western (Wailing) Wall is indicated in the red box in the above photo of the Temple model wall. The Wall aboveground consisted of 24 rows of stones of different dressing and age, reaching a total height of 18 m. with 6 m. above the level of the Temple Mount. In 1867 excavations revealed that 19 more rows lay buried underground, the lowest being sunk into the natural rock of the Tyropoeon Valley.”

Archeology and the Temple

Middle East historians will argue that this is the most fought over piece of real estate on earth (conquered some 45 times throughout the millennia). To this day, you can visit the site where the Temple once stood.

Just one more bit of evidence out of the multitude of physical evidence available showing the credibility of the New Testament.