Corroborating Physical Evidence Supporting New Testament Accuracy

Ancient Structures Supporting New Testament Accuracy:

The New Testament was compiled over a fifty year period from roughly 45AD through to about 95AD.  The events recounted took place on three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe.  In short, the New Testament presents the Life of Christ and the Birth of the Early Church.

Is it historically accurate though?  Critics would have you believe that it is not to be trusted as history.   Remember, to determine the reliability of a source, you must examine its credibility.  This is accomplished by:

How do you interview witnesses who have long since died?  How do you collect forensic evidence that is 2,000 years old?

This is where archeology comes into play.  Archeology enables us to gather the writings of those who lived at the time (whether it is through tablets of stone or scrolls of papyrus).  Archeology also enables us to see if such places exist and if there is any evidence of the events described.

jones-1 So let’s put on our Indiana Jones hat and jacket – and play the part of the archeologist examining the findings of the past.  Search the links to the right to see just a sampling of the evidence…